Sunday, January 22, 2017


I finally got my new gaget on the right blog. You can always go check my other to see my earlier cards!  Mom's birthday card with not one Gina k stamp set but 2!  And it's so perfectly straigh and centered. Watch out sis I'm going to get a lot better with this we r memory keepers precision press!!! I love it 


Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Well I want to give credit where credit is due..  Belinda Selene came up with this awesome idea for making a canvas into a greeting card holder....  If your on my site Belinda please let me know what you think....

Gotta say it beats the card holder I had from last few years which would only hold 4.  Did I go to small.  Let me show from a different view
Well off to go make some cards for classes. Or maybe go back to sleep.


Friday, December 11, 2015


Well in august of this year, I got my first pc.  And this week I got my christmas present from my parents.  I got a perfect desk for my room. 

So excited the perfect space for me.  I had a shelf before and just felt it wasn't as useful as this will be. And I have a chair from my grandma's house.  It has just the right cushion for me.  So I have no excuse to not post.  Next week I am going to be pounding out the cards because I have classes starting in January and I so need to get samples done.  I am so excited because I bought new tools.

So with the latch up.  And yes that is a washi tree.  And yes, I am keeping it up all year round.  I deserve it. I am born on christmas.  So here is a question what do I put above this.

I am thinking  a mirror. But it has to be just the right mirror.

I am excited to go to bed and wake up and see this in the morning.

Well off and sorry for being late.


Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A new beginning try

I know I have said this before but this time I am starting from scratch because my goal is to show you what life is and can be for a busy crafter.  I work at Michael's, if you ask me now what I do I will say "I do whatever they will allow me to do."  I try my hardest not to annoy anyone but who am I kidding, you meet me you will understand. 

My goal starting today is to have a post every Tuesday and Thursday.  But for the second one will depend if I have a second day off or have time to think of a post and come up with a picture.

But I have been planning my January classes, yes open house will be January 9 from 11-3pm.  So if your store has an instructor go in. I am excited for the new year.  I am planning on having a birthday class all year round.   But with the system we have all my classes will be listed under paper and mixed media advance.  I wish we could change the names.... Because yes, I do offer more so if your near me and want to take a class stop in and you will see what I will be teaching.  Any time after January 9 they will be in the classroom til then you will have to wait. I will also be having Hodge Podge Cards... they are just random cards you need all year round.

For the new year I will be planning as much as I can,  and my goal is be a better blogger maybe get some people into the store that haven't taken my classes.

Maybe I'll even post my schedule on here and some pictures.


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Color Test

How good do you think you are with picking out the color? Try this test to see where you rate.
I've gotten a 26 and 13. I find it fun and exciting to see what people get. My mom told me about this test she saw on splitcoast forum.

Well lots to do. Give it a try and leave me a comment I'd love to hear what everyone got.