Tuesday, December 1, 2015

A new beginning try

I know I have said this before but this time I am starting from scratch because my goal is to show you what life is and can be for a busy crafter.  I work at Michael's, if you ask me now what I do I will say "I do whatever they will allow me to do."  I try my hardest not to annoy anyone but who am I kidding, you meet me you will understand. 

My goal starting today is to have a post every Tuesday and Thursday.  But for the second one will depend if I have a second day off or have time to think of a post and come up with a picture.

But I have been planning my January classes, yes open house will be January 9 from 11-3pm.  So if your store has an instructor go in. I am excited for the new year.  I am planning on having a birthday class all year round.   But with the system we have all my classes will be listed under paper and mixed media advance.  I wish we could change the names.... Because yes, I do offer more so if your near me and want to take a class stop in and you will see what I will be teaching.  Any time after January 9 they will be in the classroom til then you will have to wait. I will also be having Hodge Podge Cards... they are just random cards you need all year round.

For the new year I will be planning as much as I can,  and my goal is be a better blogger maybe get some people into the store that haven't taken my classes.

Maybe I'll even post my schedule on here and some pictures.


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