Friday, December 11, 2015


Well in august of this year, I got my first pc.  And this week I got my christmas present from my parents.  I got a perfect desk for my room. 

So excited the perfect space for me.  I had a shelf before and just felt it wasn't as useful as this will be. And I have a chair from my grandma's house.  It has just the right cushion for me.  So I have no excuse to not post.  Next week I am going to be pounding out the cards because I have classes starting in January and I so need to get samples done.  I am so excited because I bought new tools.

So with the latch up.  And yes that is a washi tree.  And yes, I am keeping it up all year round.  I deserve it. I am born on christmas.  So here is a question what do I put above this.

I am thinking  a mirror. But it has to be just the right mirror.

I am excited to go to bed and wake up and see this in the morning.

Well off and sorry for being late.


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